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Cheek Skin Tightening

As the face ages, the cheeks can change in firmness and volume. It is common for the cheeks to begin to sag and flatten, which can cause lines, wrinkles, eye bags and other aging issues. While you cannot stop the aging process, you can manage and slow facial aging with cosmetic treatments. At Timeless MedSpa NYC, we offer a wide selection of cheek skin tightening treatments to improve the youthfulness of the midface at our UES clinics.

There are a variety of issues that cause droopy cheeks. The skin loses elasticity as it ages. Less collagen and elastin are produced, plus genetics, lifestyle and environment can impact how quickly the skin deteriorates. While the cheeks may lose fat due to age, the buccal fat pads that still exist can begin to shift downward due to gravity. The effect is cheeks that begin to droop with increased smile lines at the nasolabial fold. The under-eye area can also be affected. As the cheeks sag, eye bags can become more pronounced. Aging in the upper cheek and midface can make you look years older and tired.

Rejuvenating the Upper Cheeks and Midface

There are a few different options for rejuvenating the midface and upper cheeks for a more youthful appearance. At Timeless MedSpa NYC, we offer a variety of treatments that can help restore lost volume in the cheeks and accomplish cheek skin tightening. Our medical spa on the Upper East Side offers:

  • Skin tightening treatments to increase collagen
  • Collagen induction therapy (CIT) or micro needling
  • Facial filler injections for facial contouring
  • Upper cheek enhancement with dermal fillers
  • Smile line treatment

By adding volume to the skin and cheeks combined with cheek skin tightening, the midface can look years younger. Eye bags and smile lines can be diminished, and the contours of the face can be restored.

If you have droopy cheeks, nasolabial fold lines, eye bags or a sunken midface, there are non-surgical options to refresh your appearance. Contact us at Timeless MedSpa NYC to discuss cheek skin tightening and facial contouring options – call today to book your appointment at our UES clinic.