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Chemical Peels New York, NY

Facial Chemical Peels

The top layer of skin plays a key role in the tone, texture and brightness of your skin. When the skin looks dull and has imperfections like discolorations, fine lines and enlarged pores, it detracts from the beauty and youthfulness of the face. One of the best time-tested treatments for younger-looking skin is getting a facial chemical peel. Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg and our aesthetic team at Timeless MedSpa NYC offer customized chemical peels to bring out the radiance in your skin.

Chemical peels sound painful or harsh, but in reality, most use natural plant enzymes to remove dead skin cells and stimulate healing of the skin. Not all chemical peels are the same – the formula depends on the skin issues that are being treated and the individual’s skin type. Mild chemical peels can be used as an exfoliant to brighten dull skin and bring out a healthy glow. There is no downtime for these types of peels. The skin may be slightly red after the treatment, but the redness fades quickly. More intense chemical peels do remove some of the skin cells and cause redness and flaking in the following days, requiring some downtime from social activities.

Benefits of Chemical Peel Treatment

Many skin flaws can be improved by routine facial chemical peels. Exfoliation and cleansing of the pores are beneficial, but deeper chemical peels can have a more dramatic impact on aging. The enzymes can slough off the dead skin and stimulate collagen production. In the days after a chemical peel, the peeling skin reveals healthier, firmer new skin underneath. Fine lines may disappear, and brown spots can fade. Chemical peels can reduce pores, fade acne scars and improve the overall tone and texture of the skin.

A facial chemical peel can help the skin look years younger or give young skin a healthier glow. If you have scars, spots or small flaws on your skin you want to fade or would like to look a few years younger, a chemical peel may be just the treatment for you. To learn more about our facial chemical peels and other skin treatments at Timeless MedSpa NYC, contact our office in UES Manhattan to book your appointment today.