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Chin Dimples New York, NY

Botox Chin Dimple Treatment

Dimples are cute in children, but not all dimples are considered cute on adults. If you have orange peel dimples on your chin, you may not think it is desirable. The “golf ball” chin appearance is believed to be genetic, so it is not preventable, but there are cosmetic treatments. At Timeless MedSpa NYC, we offer Botox® chin dimple treatment to smooth way these indentations at our UES clinic.

The mentalis, or chin, muscles can cause a variety of cosmetic issues. An overactive mentalis can cause a rough appearance to the skin on the chin. Creping, wrinkles and dimpling can occur, creating an undesirable change to the chin. It is often called “Peau d’Orange” for its orange peel appearance, or “golf ball chin” for the small dimpling and lines that appear on the chin. One of the easiest solutions to this problem is a chin-tox treatment, which uses Botox to relax the mentalis.

Botox for Golf Ball Chin

If you want to smooth out the chin and eliminate the orange peel or golf ball texture, Botox injections can be the perfect treatment. With a quick appointment, the mentalis muscle can be relaxed with Botox injections. It can take a few days for the Botox to begin to work, but over the following week, the chin dimpling and vertical lines can disappear. Botox can last for a few months, usually about 3-4 months, before a repeated treatment is needed to maintain the appearance.

Botox has been used for medical treatments since the 1960s and it was approved for cosmetic treatment by the FDA in 2002. It is safe and effective, and the most common side effect is slight swelling or bruising caused by the needles used for injecting Botox into the skin. You do not need any downtime or recovery after a Botox chin dimple treatment. This procedure can be performed on your lunch break if desired.

If you want to smooth away chin dimpling and lines, Botox may be the best solution. To learn more about Botox for chin dimples, contact our UES clinic to schedule a consultation or treatment appointment.