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Skin Tightening New York, NY

Facial Skin Tightening

Do you have loose skin under your chin or on your neck? Are you noticing more lines appearing on your face? As the skin ages, it becomes less firm, sagging and wrinkling. Loss of collagen and elastin in the skin play significant roles in sagging skin, contributing to aging of the face. At Timeless MedSpa NYC, we offer minimally-invasive facial skin tightening that can help improve the youthfulness of your skin and face.

While you cannot turn back the hands of time, there are treatments that can rejuvenate the skin. Beginning in the 30s, most people are beginning to lose collagen, which impacts the elasticity of their skin. To combat this aging process, stimulating collagen production in the affected skin on the face and neck can improve the firmness. Facial skin tightening treatments use thermal energy to heat the deeper layers of the skin to increase collagen.

Non-Surgical Face and Neck Lift

The loss of elasticity in the skin can result in sagging and drooping. In the past, the only resolution for loosening skin was a surgical lift procedure. While surgical facelifts and neck lifts are the only way to remove excess sagging skin, non-surgical skin tightening treatments can be used in the early stages of lost skin elasticity. When you begin to notice lines, wrinkles or lost firmness in the skin, this is the time to consider skin tightening treatments.

Skin tightening treatments are non-invasive and do not require any downtime or recovery. The procedure is completed using a handheld device on the targeted skin areas. Most sessions take less than an hour and are painless. Patients usually feel a warmness as the thermal energy is delivered to the skin. Multiple treatments are usually recommended to keep stimulating collagen over several weeks, resulting in natural tightening of the face or neck.

Cosmetic anti-aging treatments have improved drastically over the last few decades. There are more options than ever to maintain a more youthful appearance. To learn more about facial skin tightening and our other innovative treatments at Timeless MedSpa NYC, contact our UES clinic for an appointment.