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Corner Mouth Lip Lift New York, NY

Botox Corner Mouth Lip Lift

Your lips can tell a story, and sometimes they are not saying what you want. When lines appear around the mouth and lips, then can change your facial expression. Common problems are drooping and lines at the corners of the mouth that make you look sad or upset when your face is at rest. You may look less approachable and older than you feel. To refresh your facial expression for a more youthful and pleasant appearance, Timeless MedSpa NYC offers a Botox® corner mouth lip lift at our UES clinic.

There are many different muscles that help the lips and mouth function. When you smile or frown, there are different muscles at work. Some pull the corners of the mouth up; others pull them down. Over time, gravity makes it easier to pull the corners of the mouth down, and lines may begin to appear. This droop at the corner of the mouth can give you a permanent frown when your face and mouth are relaxed, even when you are happy. You may look older or cranky due to this small drooping of the lips, but it can be fixed with Botox treatment.

Lift the Corners of Your Lips

The depressor anguli oris muscle that pulls the corners of the lips down can accentuate the frown when your face is relaxed. Botox works by relaxing the targeted muscle, in this case, the depressor anguli oris muscle. This allows the elevating muscles to bring the corners of the mouth up easier, resulting in a more neutral position for the corners of the mouth. The Botox injections can also smooth away the beginnings of marionette lines that start at the corner of the mouth and go down the chin. The result is a more pleasant expression and mouth appearance when your face is relaxed.

A Botox corner mouth lip lift can be completed in a short office visit. The treatment only takes about 15-20 minutes, and there is no downtime needed after the procedure. The results may take a few days to notice and can last for about 3-4 months before another treatment is needed to maintain the mouth appearance. Contact us at Timeless MedSpa NYC to schedule your appointment at our clinic in Manhattan.