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Lower Cheek Treatment

The lower portion of the face plays an important role in the overall facial appearance. Lack of definition of the chin or jawline can impact the other facial features. The lower cheeks and jowls are also one of the first areas to sag and show signs of aging. Facial fillers are an excellent cosmetic treatment for lower face concerns, from enhancing the chin or jawline to combatting aging in the jowls. At Timeless MedSpa NYC, we offer jawline and lower cheek treatment with dermal filler injections at our UES clinic.

The lower cheeks and jowls are susceptible to sagging with age. The skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity, which allows the jowls to sag. Creases in the skin may occur, creating marionette lines, smile lines and wrinkles around the mouth. In the early stages of aging in the lower face, filler injections can offer a lifting effect for a more youthful appearance.

Lower cheek treatment with dermal fillers can replace lost fat and tissue, lifting the sagging skin and smoothing away some wrinkles. This can be an immediate transformation for the lower face, creating a more youthful appearance. Another benefit is a more pleasant mouth – the sagging in the lower cheeks can make the mouth turn downward in a permafrown. Lower cheek and jowl fillers can create a happier and youthful mouth, chin and jowls.

Fillers for Enhancing the Jawline

A distinct jawline and chin are an attractive feature. Whether you want a more masculine jawline or just want better definition to balance your facial features, dermal fillers can add the volume needed. The use of facial fillers along the jaw is a subtle but effective way to add definition without the need for implants or surgery. The treatment can be completed in a quick office visit and there is no downtime required after your procedure.

Jawline and lower cheek treatment with dermal filler injections can make your face look younger or more balanced. To learn more about the cosmetic enhancements that are possible with lower face filler injections, come see us at Timeless MedSpa NYC. Schedule your consultation at our UES clinic today.