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Is Cellulite Causing You to Cover Up? New York, NY


laughing woman presents beautiful buttocks in lingerie

Is Cellulite Causing You to Cover Up?

Cellulite, a term many of us are all too familiar with, is often associated with the dimpled appearance of skin, primarily on the thighs and buttocks. Although common and naturally occurring, it has long been a cosmetic concern… Continue reading

black haired woman touches her cheeks

The Art of Facial Fillers: Why Expertise Matters

Welcome to Timeless MedSpa NYC, where we believe that true beauty is an art form that requires precision, skill, and a deep understanding of facial anatomy. In today’s fast-paced world, the demand for non-surgical cosmetic procedures like facial… Continue reading

perfect lips

What to Expect After Getting Lip Filler

Lip fillers have become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure, offering individuals the opportunity to enhance their natural beauty and achieve plump, luscious lips. At Timeless MedSpa in NYC, we understand that choosing to get lip filler injections can… Continue reading

young attractive woman with big blue eyes looks up

Should You Consider a Chemical Brow Lift?

Are you looking to revitalize your appearance and achieve a more youthful, lifted brow without the need for surgery? At Timeless MedSpa in NYC, we are excited to introduce you to the chemical brow lift, a non-surgical procedure… Continue reading

asian women are worried about faces with rosacea

Laser Therapy’s Remarkable Solution for Rosacea

Rosacea, a chronic skin condition characterized by persistent facial redness, flushing, and visible blood vessels, affects millions of individuals worldwide. Its physical manifestations can lead to emotional distress and a significant blow to one’s self-esteem. Fortunately, advancements in… Continue reading

joyful excited brunette in a blue sweater

Can Botox Change the Shape of Your Face?

We often consider Botox for its proven ability to address lines and wrinkles on the face. But what about the overall shape of the face? At Timeless MedSpa, we recognize and utilize Botox injections as an effective way… Continue reading

Beautiful Woman With Naked Shoulders

3 Surprising Ways to Use Facial Fillers

When it comes to non-surgical procedures to make you look younger, facial fillers continue to top the charts. In fact, in 2021, more than 1.8 million dermal filler procedures were performed in the United States, and statistics have… Continue reading

beautiful woman with smooth young face skin

Do I Need Botox or Fillers?

If you are not ready or willing to undergo plastic surgery for your aging face, injections can be an excellent choice. Although temporary, facial fillers and Botox can smooth out wrinkles, restore lost volume and add definition throughout… Continue reading

Say No to ‘Bunny Lines’ this Spring

Unlike bunny rabbits, “bunny lines” aren’t so cute. Bunny lines refer to the lines or wrinkles that form over the top of the nose when the bridge of the nose (nasalis muscle) contracts or “scrunches up” like a… Continue reading