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Genius Radiofrequency Microneedling

The skin’s structure relies on collagen and elastin for firmness and tone. As collagen and elastin levels drop with age, the skin loses its firmness. Increasing collagen and elastin production in the deeper layers of skin can tighten and firm the skin for a more youthful appearance. At Timeless MedSpa NYC, we offer Genius® radiofrequency microneedling for effective skin tightening.

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT) is an effective skin treatment for improving skin quality. Using tiny needles to puncture the skin creates micro-injuries to the skin that stimulate collagen to repair the perceived injuries. While effective on its own, microneedling effects can be amplified when paired with radiofrequency energy, which the Genius RF microneedling treatment provides.

Ultimate Skin Tightening Treatment

If you are noticing laxity in your skin, Genius RF microneedling may be the perfect solution. The microneedling creates small channels into the deeper layers of the skin to deliver the RF energy and heat. The treatment is not painful, and no recovery time is needed. Most Genius treatments will take less than an hour to complete. Genius treatments can be used for skin tightening on the face, neck, chest or anywhere on the body. Most people will need multiple treatments, usually 3-4 scheduled about one month apart, for the best results. The skin tightening effect can last for two years or more after your treatments.

Genius radiofrequency microneedling can increase collagen and elastin to tighten the skin. It is also helpful for reducing the appearance of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and uneven tone. Genius RF microneedling is made by Lutronic, who also makes LaseMD Ultra™, a fractional laser treatment we offer at Timeless MedSpa NYC. For incredible anti-aging results, we can combine Genius and LaseMD Ultra for the TotalSkin Solution treatment to remodel and rejuvenate your skin.

If you are noticing sagging or drooping skin or you have acne scarring you want gone, Genius radiofrequency microneedling may be the solution to improve your skin. To learn more about our laser and skin tightening treatments at Timeless MedSpa NYC, contact our office in Manhattan. We can schedule a skin consultation with one of our specialists.