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Relieve Jaw Pain and Slim Your Face with One Treatment New York, NY

Relieve Jaw Pain and Slim Your Face with One Treatment

Facial Fillers

Botox. It’s one of the hottest treatments in facial cosmetic procedures. While we know Botox most for its ability to relax wrinkles and smooth out creases on an aging complexion, this injectable treatment can also help those that have a round face due to bruxism. Botox can be used to reduce the size of enlarged masseter muscles caused by frequent jaw clenching or teeth grinding. In turn, Botox can relieve jaw tension as well as slim the lower face.

Is Bruxism Causing Your Round Face?

Not everyone with a round face grinds or clenches their teeth. However, bruxism often plays a large role in this unwanted facial trait. When you have a clenching or grinding habit, you are engaging the masseter muscles that are located on each side of your jaw. These are already frequently used muscles, as they allow you to chew, speak and yawn. However, these jaw muscles can become overworked and grow bigger just like any other muscle in your body when it is challenged.

Unfortunately, enlarged masseter muscles can cause the face to look round, square or even pear-shaped, instead of the more desirable V-shaped appearance. Bruxism and enlarged masseter muscles are also associated with TMJ symptoms, which can include jaw pain, jaw popping, ear pain and headaches. The discomfort and facial imbalance that occurs with bruxism can be effectively stopped and prevented with simple Botox injections.

How Does Botox Treat a Round Face?

Botox is an FDA approved injectable product that can “freeze” a targeted muscle by blocking the nerve signals that control movement. When strategically injected into the masseter muscles, these jaw muscles are forced to relax instead of engage in chronic clenching or grinding. Consequently, the masseter muscles shrink over time from disuse to create a more contoured, attractive and slimmer jawline.

Botox is a quick, safe and non-invasive solution for those who want jaw reduction and round face treatment. To learn if you are a candidate for masseter reduction using Botox, please call Timeless MedSpa in NYC.

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