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Reasons to Consider Masseter Reduction New York, NY

Reasons to Consider Masseter Reduction

Chin and Jaw Line

What are you unhappy with when you look in the mirror? While it is common to seek cosmetic improvement for features like the nose, eyes or lips, there are many females who have concerns about their jawline. A square-shaped jawline, which can be caused by daily habits or your natural anatomy, can threaten a woman’s feminine appearance. Fortunately, there are both surgical and non-surgical treatments to help women achieve a softer, slimmer and more rounded jawline. This is referred to as masseter reduction.

What are the Masseters?

The masseters are the two (rather bulky) muscles on each side of your jaw. Not only do these muscles help you open and close your mouth and chew, but they also have a drastic influence on the shape of your jawline. Enlarged masseters create a square and more masculine appearance, which is commonly undesirable for female patients.

What Causes Enlarged Masseter Muscles?

Enlarged masseters, also referred to as hypertrophic masseter muscles, are most often caused by chronic oral habits such as teeth grinding, hard chewing or subconscious jaw clenching. This causes the jaw muscles to overdevelop. Unfortunately, many patients who have large masseters due to bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching) are engaging in their habit while they sleep without even realizing it. While not as likely, you can also be born with naturally large masseters. Regardless of the cause, there is cosmetic correction available.

A Non-Surgical Solution for Square Jawlines

While some patients choose a permanent fix using surgical masseter reduction, there is also a way to reduce the appearance of enlarged masseter muscles without going under the knife. Many patients can achieve a slimmer and more feminine face using Botox injections.

Botox works by blocking nerve signals to muscles to stop normal contractions. For masseter reduction and face slimming purposes, Botox is targeted directly at the masseter muscles. Don’t worry; your ability to chew will not be impaired. Multiple injections are typically used to properly relax the masseter muscles on either side of the jaw and allow the muscle to reduce in size.

To learn more about non-surgical masseter reduction for women, please call Timeless MedSpa in New York.

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