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Do You Need “Chin-Tox”? New York, NY

Do You Need “Chin-Tox”?

Woman Feeling Her Face After Botox Injections in NYC

We often think of getting Botox for our forehead wrinkles, bunny lines or lip lines, but did you know that these popular cosmetic injections can also be used for the chin? More specifically, Botox is an excellent solution for patients with chin dimples that have worsened over time. When Botox is used to correct a dimpled chin, it is referred to as “chin-tox”.

Why Do I Have Chin Dimples?

Like other unwanted lines and indentions in the face, chin dimples are the result of overactive chin muscle, called the mentalis. The mentalis is a paired muscle that starts at the tip of the chin and controls the movement of the lower lip. Unfortunately, when this muscle contracts often or over-contracts, it creates a pebble-like or orange-peel appearance on the chin’s surface.

In many cases, this “golf ball” appearance on the chin is not something a patient can prevent. In fact, it may even be genetic. However, Botox can intervene and prevent the mentalis muscle from over-contracting, which in turn allows the dimples to relax and smooth out.

What to Expect with Chin-Tox?

In general, chin-tox is quite simple and straightforward like other Botox treatments. A skilled injector, however, knows that the Botox must be carefully and strategically placed to address chin dimpling without compromising the movement of the lower lip or mouth. Chin-tox should never limit a patient’s ability to eat, speak and make natural facial expressions. Instead, you can expect a more desirable chin and a dramatic reduction of dimpling that lasts for 3 to 4 months.

Do you want a smoother and more attractive chin? If your chin looks like a golf ball or orange peel, we invite you to consider non-invasive treatment using Botox. Call our New York clinic today to ask about chin-tox!

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