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7 Ways to Delay Facial Aging New York, NY

7 Ways to Delay Facial Aging

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Like it or not, your face will likely be the first part of your body to show signs of aging. Whether it is wrinkles, sun spots or sagging skin, facial aging is inevitable for people of all gender, race and ethnicity. While we cannot prevent the skin from aging at all, there are ways to delay its debut. Here are some easy lifestyle tips to delay facial aging and keep your youthful complexion a little longer”

#1 Eat and Drink Smart

What you put into your body has a drastic influence on how it looks on the outside. When it comes to youthful and vibrant skin, make sure to drink plenty of water and fill up on foods like vegetables, flaxseeds, fatty fish, bone broth and tomatoes.

#2 Get Sleep

Few of us get the amount of sleep our bodies need to stay healthy. Even your skin needs sleep! In fact, cellular rejuvenation and turnover within the skin happens during sleep. Signs that you are not getting enough rest include puffy eyes, dark circles, pale skin and more wrinkles or fine lines.

#3 Stay Active

Regular exercise may help keep off the extra pounds, but it can also improve your skin tone. The increased blood flow when we are active can deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the skin, which tends to slow down the aging process.

#4 Wear Sunscreen

There are few things worse for aging skin than sun exposure. While we need the Vitamin D for whole body health, the harmful UV rays can accelerate the signs of facial aging. Apply your sunscreen every day – not just at the beach!

#5 Use a Retinoid

Harvard Health reports that a regular application of retinoids (a chemical compound of Vitamin A) can delay facial aging and reduce wrinkles and age spots by boosting collagen production and improving blood vessel production. You can find retinoid creams and lotions over the counter or from a dermatologist.

#6 Stop Smoking

Smoking (along with alcohol and caffeine) are known to dehyrdate the skin. A lack of moisture only fosters an aged complexion. In fact, smoking cigarettes (or vaping) can lead to the premature appearance of crow’s feet, thin lips, deep creases and grey skin tones.

#7 Relax Your Face

Facial tension, including squinting, frowning or jaw clenching, are common facial movements that can be repeated throughout the day. Unfortunately, these facial expressions can also trigger the formation of wrinkles.

At Timeless Med Spa, we recognize the way that your everyday lifestyle habits can either delay or accelerate the signs of aging within your face. Although our NYC clinic offers countless services to reverse wrinkles, sagging and unwanted concerns, we also value the importance of helping you avoid the need for these cosmetic treatments earlier than you have to.

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